Matt Gould

Software Engineer - Based In Thailand

About Me

I don't know the meaning of life in general and not really of my life yet either. I do however have a few general points to aim for.

I have always struggled with my weight and it wasn't until my 20's that I figured out how to lose weight, keep it off and get fit. I want to help people do the same. At the minute, the way I do this is using Discord and participating in a fitness community. I haven't had a good idea of how to create something to help people enmasse. There's already a lot of calorie trackers (which I'm not even sure if they promote a healthy relationship with food), there's a lot of workout apps that will help you program a workout and there are already large communities where people can go talk and get advice. I hope one day I'll have an novel idea that will be useful.

I did not enjoy school, it was boring and I didn't learn much. There were subjects that I was naturally interested in like maths which I excelled in and subjects like English that I struggled with. I blame my teachers which goes against my nature of the individual being responsible. I'd be very interested at one point in my life of teaching how to program and I'm going to use this blog as the first step into that.

Lastly to keep this about me a little shorter, is that I'd like to help people find a partner in life. Currently I'm working on a project called Spicy Dating. I've been working on Spicy Dating since March 2023. Dating is saturated, there's tons of competition but having met my wife online using the competition, I believe that online dating can be done better. Right now, I think online dating is almost a scam. You have to pay obscene amounts of money and data suggests that there's only a few winners. I want to reduce the cost to open online dating up to millions and create an algorithm that actually matches people who might get along, with no funny business in the middle. That's the goal anyway.

You won't find me on social media. I love having discussions but only when the goal of the discussion is to be honest, listen and try to learn something from each other. Most online conversations seem to be about `winning` and in the end, those conversations are a waste of time.

I love to exercise. When I'm not at the computer, there's a good chance I'll be on my bike, running, lifting weights, swimming or stretching. I'm probably a little too addicted, when I miss a day I feel quite depressed.