Kaodang shooting range

Our activity this weekend was shooting at the Kaodang shooting range (สมาคมกีฬายิงปืนเขาแดง), this is an awesome family run shooting range in Saba Yoi District, Songkhla, Thailand. For those interested in actually going, here’s a google maps link.

The shooting range is located at the base of a stunning mountain, and all around are various setups to practice target shooting, running-shooting drills and shooting from moving vehicles. The family that operates the shooting range really wants you to have a good time (in a safe way).

I think it’s worthwhile mentioning that I’m from the UK, and prior to coming to Thailand had zero gun experience. I don’t think I had even seen a run in real life, let alone held one. That being said, my perspective is from a complete novice, so take it for what you will.

We have visited Kaodang shooting range quite a few times now, and always early on Saturday mornings. It’s always been quiet which has been great for us as my wife and I on all occasions have had 1 on 1 training from basic gun safety to usage to target shooting drills. Obviously this is kinda redundant to state but I imagine when the range is more busy you’ll have less 1 on 1 training and less freedom to move about the range.

To get the quiet experience, which I recommend, check their facebook page. They advertise when larger events are happening which can be training local law enforcement, training local army personnel, I believe they are also involved with local schools and have competitive target shooters (and competitions).


I’m obviously not a gun expert, so forgive me. Kaodang shooting range has a good array of handguns, rifles and shotguns to choose from. They may have larger calibre guns but we haven’t enquired yet.


The shooting range I think is the best and it just so happens to also be the cheapest. You’ll have to enquire for a full price list (they also post the prices on their Facebook page) but for us today, we paid 50 thb each to enter, 300 thb per gun used, 500 thb for 50 .22 bullets, 1400 thb for 50 4mm bullets. We used 5 bullets from a third handgun, that was free of charge.

You can pay to become a member, which makes the pricing cheaper. We haven’t done so yet, but probably will!

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